Frequently Asked Questions

No, this product is tested and safe for consumption.

Bed ridden, right after surgery (only can consume 6 months later), pregnant woman, children below 12 years.

Youngest: 14 years old

Oldest: 82 years old

If it is late stage Cancer, there is very low chance of recovery.

Those with liver hardening, liver fatty, gallbladder stone, improved health, constipation, colon cancer, high blood, diabetes, migraine and eczema.

For existing condition, must do at least 3X every 20 days. Fast 3 months, slow 6 month for maintenance. To achieve optimum health at least 3X a year.

If hospital can treat you, specialist or hospital won’t open more and more. Go and find one patient with diabetic or high blood, do you see any of them take medicine until cure?

All the sickness is caused by having too much toxin in the body and the body is unable to flush it out.

  • The detox bundle has been consumed since early 2000s and many have benefited hence no substitute is required.

For cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, the outcome normally leads to cancer spread to the liver therefore causing permanent damage and no cure. Medical is working from bottom to top. For the detoxification, it’s done from the top to bottom which means fixing the foundation to enable body rejuvenation through its natural mechanism.

The output is guaranteed if the procedure is followed.

Poor health generally cause by the lifestyle and food is one of the major contributors due to the chemical involved when it’s processed.

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